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Guangdong Baxter Industrial Co., Ltd., formerly known as Zhongshan Baxter Financial Machinery Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Baxter Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., was founded in 1988 with a registered capital of 80 million yuan and total assets of more than 0.5 billion yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service in China. It is a diversified private enterprise focusing on the production of financial machines and equipment, integrating banking service robots, air purification systems, LED display screens, lighting, advertising, injection molding, hardware, precision parts, lathes, molds, electronic furnaces, properties and hotels.



company now has more than 1000 employees, more than 50,000 square meters of office and production plants, 10 automatic production lines, complete sets of advanced scientific research, production testing instruments and equipment, and 7 accessories processing plants



company belongs to the "Product Supervision and Production Cooperation Unit of the Material Evidence Appraisal Center of the Ministry of Public Security", "Member Unit of China Anti-counterfeiting Technology Association" and "Member Unit of China Lighting Association"; "High-tech Enterprise" and Zhongshan "Enterprise Technology Center", "Engineering Technology Research and Development Center" and other key scientific research units. The company has more than 150 professors, senior engineers and technicians, and the rate of self-production from research and development to production is more than 95%. The main products include more than 20 varieties of anti-counterfeiting banknote counting machine, banknote checking machine, multiplexer, coin clearing machine, banknote clearing machine, banknote binding machine, binding machine, paper shredder, ID card discriminator, * * * * device, etc. Among them, there are more than 30, the annual production capacity of 150,000 banknote counters and more than 200,000 banknote detectors were produced. In 2018, the export volume of financial machines, mainly banknote counters, accounted for more than 40% of the company's total sales.



company has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and obtained the "RMB discriminator product production license"; All products have passed CE EC **certification, UL certification and CQC voluntary product certification respectively. Financial machines and tools can be produced in strict accordance with GB16999-2010 national standards and serve as one of the main drafting units of the new general technical standard (GB16999-2010) for RMB discriminators; with the four major brands of" Baijia "," Baxter "," Baijia Yiyi "and" Wanli ", the market is favored by users at home and abroad. The company has successively won the "China Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprise", "Top Ten Famous Brands of China's Financial Machinery", "Top Ten National Large and Medium-sized Industrial Enterprises Independent Innovation Capability Industry", "Guangdong Provincial Scientific and Technological Achievements", "Guangdong Province Key New Products" and "Zhongshan City Science and Technology First Prize"; "Guangdong Province Customer Satisfaction Products" and "Zhongshan City Contract-abiding and Credit-abiding Enterprise", "Zhongshan City Integrity. In this way, the company has put forward the slogan of "Prepare, Baijia will take off again", Baijia people will take Zhongshan ancient town 100 mu Baijia new industrial park, Shandong 160 mu Baijia Lide new industrial park and Yangxi 150 mu new industrial park as a new starting point, with the concept of "higher, farther ...... New Baijia, in order to create a world banknote counter * * production base and achieve the long-term goal of" Baijia, keep making new efforts and struggles!


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